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Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) is a mobile payment technology developed by Google. By installing a specialized application on the smartphone, the user can pay for purchases in stores, restaurants, and even the subway. All payments are made through the NFC module, which is available on many modern phones. It’s enough to touch the device to the terminal, wait for the beep and take the check. This article lets you learn how to set up Google Pay on Xiaomi.

In terms of security, this service is at a fairly high level, as well as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. First, all bank card data is transmitted in encrypted form, that is, using a specially generated code. Secondly, to confirm the payment, the user needs to use one of the types of biometric authentication. This can be by fingerprint or iris (or Face ID) scanning.

If the purchase amount exceeds $15, the person must confirm the payment by entering a PIN code on the terminal or smartphone. The Google Pay app is free but allows storing many bank cards. To add them, a simple registration in the service is required. It should be understood that when the downloader is unlocked, there may be problems making payments. The platform will not allow you to do so because of the low level of security.

A few best practices

  1. To quickly verify the authenticity of a bank card, it is recommended that you install your bank’s app along with GPay. Most apps have a menu next to the card information to add to Google Pay. Such a procedure will speed up the process of adding the card data.
  2. For Google Pay (NFC module) to work on your Xiaomi phone with an unlocked bootloader, it’s enough to install the Magisk app. It hides the presence of root rights and an unlocked bootloader.
  3. Also, if the bootloader is unlocked, you can install the localized firmware (such as Xiaomi EU). The same Magisk is installed on top of the firmware, and NFC works properly.
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