NFC (Near Field Communication) is a special technology that allows you to transmit data contactless over a distance of up to 10 cm. Translated from English, it reads as: “near field communication” or “near contactless communication“. It is most often used for making payments in stores and shopping centers. All you have to do is put your NFC-enabled phone next to a terminal and wait for the sound of a debit signal. The technology can be compared to bank cards supporting contactless payment. Though they use different channels of reading the information, the principle of operation is completely similar. Learn more about contactless payment in our article on setting up Google Pay.

Because of its small size, the NFC chip can be built into any device, be it a smartwatch, smartphone, or tablet. Soon almost every phone will support this technology of wireless information transfer. To make a payment using NFC, it is necessary to use a special application that enters the data of bank cards. This can be the official program Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Xiaomi has its proprietary smartphone payment app, which is currently only available in China and India.

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