A throttling is a special protection mechanism triggered when the phone’s processor gets hot. To better understand the subject, let’s start with a short background.

The processor is the main component of any technology, including smartphones and computers. It handles everything from a trivial calculator to complex applications. If you open some modern game, the load on the chipset will increase. This will lead to its gradual heating.

In computers, a cooler is installed to cool all components, and a thin layer of thermal paste is applied to the processor. As modern phones are produced stylish and beautiful, there is simply no space for installing cooling equipment. What to do then, because the main chip can burn out?

The answer – is nothing because the manufacturer has long taken care of this problem and has established a special system throttling. When the processor reaches the temperature limit, it automatically reduces its frequency. This all affects the speed of the smartphone.

If a complex game works long enough, then small freezes will begin to appear after a certain amount of time. This is caused by the fact that the system of trotting has come into play. To check the level of CPU performance degradation, the application CPU Throttling Test is usually used.

It starts to load the processor gradually and provides information about trotting in the form of a convenient graph. On a good chipset, there should not be much slippage. Usually, the graph is at 90-95 percent.

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