How to See Traffic Consumption on Xiaomi

When subscribing to a tariff package, we usually forget to monitor Internet traffic consumption, often exceeding the set limit and paying extra money. In this article, we will learn how to view traffic consumption on Xiaomi and, if possible, limit it.

Adjusting the traffic on Xiaomi through the settings

There are several ways to get to the detailed settings window of the mobile network. The first and easiest is the notification curtain or the standard “Settings” icon. Look for the shortcut “Internet” in the notification curtain, and a long press opens a new screen.

Control the Internet traffic for the system

Here we can enable or disable data transfer over the mobile network, work with roaming, limit SMS arrivals, and, most importantly, configure the traffic. To do this, click on “Data transmission” and activate the “Traffic control” item.

In the tab “Limit” set a certain number of megabytes, which cannot be broken.

Also, determine what will happen when the specified number is exceeded: just a warning or disconnection of mobile Internet. Below we specify the date from which a new traffic countdown should start. This way, we protect ourselves from overspending on the tariff and additional costs.

Now the system asks whether we want to display a widget in the notification panel with a permanent count of spent and remaining megabytes. This is very convenient, considering that we can visually control our limit with just one swipe up. So we confirm the request by pressing “OK”. The statistics will update automatically without requiring a smartphone reboot.

Internet traffic control for apps

But the customization doesn’t end there either. You can choose which applications will be covered by mobile internet and which will not. To do this, go to the settings and select “Applications”. They are divided into two large groups: system and third-party.

System applications are not recommended to disconnect from the Internet!

A separate tab, “Usage Statistics” shows the most “voracious” programs and allows you to provide access to them only through Wi-Fi. You can temporarily disconnect almost all applications from the mobile Internet, which is ideal if some important heavy download consumes a a huge amounts of megabytes. You are afraid that they might not be enough.

Don’t forget that entering the traffic settings from the general menu is possible without necessarily using the notification curtain. To do this, go to “SIM cards and mobile networks”.

Configuring traffic using the “Security” app

Another good option is carried out through the built-in utility in all Xiaomi phones called “Security”. We open the program and see a green-white background with tabs like this:

  • “Deep Clean”;
  • “Traffic”;
  • “Cloning”;
  • “Applications”;
  • “Game acceleration.”
  • “Antispam.”
  • Second Space.”

Click on “Traffic” and a new blue window appears. In the bottom left corner, we can see the consumption of megabytes for today.

To set the limit, click on the button in the center of the screen. Enter the maximum allowable number of megabytes or gigabytes in a special window.

Now specify the notification threshold. For example, when 80% of the traffic is spent – you will receive a message about it. The daily setting is also possible. If it is exceeded, the mobile Internet will automatically shut down.

The “Application Control” section enables programs to work only on Wi-Fi, as in the above method. At the same time, the “Usage Statistics” shows how many megabytes were spent on a particular, for example, a game.


Can I set one utility to work only from mobile internet?

To do this, put an X against Wi-Fi in Application Control.

How do I know how much traffic I spent during one period: per week or month?

Go to Statistics and pay attention to the first column. There you will see how much Internet traffic you’ve already spent. You can see the traffic for yesterday, today, or the whole month.

How to stop applications from using the Internet in background mode?

Open the Traffic settings and move the slider under Background Connections to Off.

I have unlimited traffic, do I need to put restrictions?

If you are given an unlimited number of megabytes per month – there is no point in restrictions. You will not be charged additionally anyway. But if it’s a limit exclusively for you – then set it.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to see the consumption of mobile Internet on Xiaomi phones. Using our useful tips and instructions, you’ll forget about extra MB charges for a long time and always keep an eye on your network consumption.

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