How to Enable Face ID on Xiaomi (Face Unlock)

Today’s users store a huge amount of personal information on their smartphones. Therefore, the issue of security and privacy concerns almost everyone. Methods of protection in the form of an alphabetic password and fingerprint scanner are not always satisfactory, and facial recognition comes to the rescue. But how to enable Face ID on Xiaomi, and will it save your phone from hacking? Let’s find out now.

The main differences between Xiaomi technology and Apple

Even though the function first appeared in the Samsung phone, it was thanks to Apple that it gained popularity. The American giant has managed to improve the mechanism of the technology, making it almost perfect.

Is everything so good about Xiaomi’s facial scanner? Has the Chinese company presented the user with a similar option, costing many times less? Let’s try to figure it out.

Apple – Face ID

In addition to the usual front camera, you will need special sensors for face recognition. They process about 30 thousand points on the face, resulting in information about the owner being remembered as accurately as possible.

Special neurons penetrate to a certain depth, and the quality of recognition is much higher. The user can grow a beard, wear a hat and glasses, and the scanner will recognize him. The scanner does not have any problems in low-light conditions either. Being in a dark room or at dusk, the owner can not worry and quietly use his phone.

Xiaomi – Face Unlock

Here, unfortunately, face unlocking has some disadvantages. Only the selfie camera is used as a recognizer. The situation is slightly better with the flagship Mi 9 and Mi 8, where infrared sensors are present.

If enough light enters the frame, and there are no changes to the appearance – Face Unlock will work as well on the iPhone. But the vegetation, hats, glasses, and scarves – already a hindrance.

Small conclusions. If you don’t often use a Face ID password and can’t afford an expensive iPhone X, take a closer look at the Mi 8. You’ll get all the basic Face ID functionality without a problem. Need a consistent and accurate unlock without the slightest error? Then only products from Apple will help.

Xiaomi models with Face Unlock support

Officially, the face unlocks feature is present only on certain models. Most often, these are either flagships or mid-price segment phones.

We are talking about factory support, but no one rules out custom firmware. In addition, with the release of new versions of MIUI, functions can be added to some phones.

For now, let’s look at smartphones that already have front unlock from the factory:

  • Mi Mix 3;
  • Mi Mix 2/2S;
  • All Redmi 5 models;
  • The entire Black Shark and Pocophone series;
  • The entire Mi 8 lineup;
  • All Mi 9, Mi 10, Redmi K30, and Redmi K20 series;
  • Redmi 6 and 6A, Redmi Note 6;
  • Android One series;
  • Redmi Note 7, Note 7 Pro, Redmi 7, Redmi 7A;
  • The entire CC9 lineup. Including CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10);
  • Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8T, Redmi 8A, and Redmi Note 9 Pro (Max);
  • All new models.

All other models not listed above do not have facial recognition. If this is not the case – specify your model in the comments, and we will correct the list.

By the way, the first Xiaomi phone with Face ID was supposed to be the Mi Note 3. Alas, the flagship never received the necessary software from the manufacturers.

In which regions does Face ID work

I regret that this feature is not yet available in Europe. At the moment, it works in the following countries:

  • India;
  • Indonesia;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Taiwan;
  • Malaysia;
  • Singapore;
  • USA;
  • Partly Europe.

How to set up face unlock on Xiaomi

And finally, let’s get down to the practice itself. Activating the face unlocks very easily. I will describe the detailed instructions, including switching to one of the above regions using the Redmi 5+.

  1. Go to “Settings”, flip down a bit, and click “Advanced Settings”.
  2. Then “Region” and choose any suitable from the list. The first will be India, which we choose. Be prepared that after selecting a new region, the system will automatically change the configuration of some applications + add local (in my case, downloaded 5+ applications: Amazon, Mi Store, Netflix, and others).
  3. Now down to “System and Device”. Go to “Lock & Protect”.
  4. On a new page, we see the tabs responsible for adding your fingerprint, locking the screen, etc. In the middle is “Add face data”. Click on it.

If you do not have alternative protection, you will be prompted to add it. This may be a digit-and-letter label, a graphic key or a fingerprint.

Then you are warned that face protection is not the safest option. We agree, and the scanning begins. Look directly into the front camera so your entire face is in the lens. Take care to get enough light. When you get the picture, check it carefully and press the big “Done” button. Here we are. We have enabled face recognition on Xiaomi.


What to do if there is no face recognition function?

If your phone is on the list of supported, but you do not have this option, the solution is very simple: you need to set one of the above regions in “Settings” after checking again.

Do I have to enter the password before unlocking?

No, take the phone and bring it to your face at a distance from your bent arm. The sensor will work instantly, and you’ll automatically get access to your smartphone. If your face doesn’t match, it will give you an error.

Put the region India, but still no Face ID function. What’s the reason?

So, this function is not provided for your model. If it is in the specifications – check the firmware. It must be the official global version.

Is there any risk that my phone will be unlocked by photo?

The defect seems to be solved in the latest MIUI firmware versions, but there is still a small risk. This is especially true for inexpensive Redmi phones. Mi 11, for example, is much better protected. If your mobile device stores important and personal information – better put another way of protection.

Can I unlock my Xiaomi while resting?

No, if a person is asleep and their eyes are respectively closed – the scanner will not work. This is done specifically for enhanced security.

Now you know how to activate Xiaomi phone unlock mode by face and whether the user needs such an option. As you can see, it’s a really good and easy locking method in certain situations.

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