How to Clear Call Log on Xiaomi

Xiaomi phones, as a rule, are characterized by excellent audibility when talking, a convenient call interface, and easy-to-add contacts, but sometimes you need to delete the history of the SIM card completely. The question arises: how to clear the call history on Xiaomi without too much hassle, spending a minimum of time and skills?

There can be many reasons for clearing calls. The most common is the desire to hide information from outsiders, too polluted log, in which it is impossible to find the necessary calls and the time of their implementation.

The standard method

The easiest method is already in the built-in function of the smartphone. This does not require additional programs, special options, or high technological knowledge. Look for the “Phone” icon on the desktop, and open the “Incoming / Outgoing calls” tab. Here you can see the numbers, caller names, and the time of the call itself. Press any contact, and a mini-menu with the following functions opens:

  • Send SMS, MMS;
  • Call using SIM1;
  • Call using SIM 2;
  • Block (Blacklist);
  • Change data;
  • Clear.

We need the last item. Click on it, and we are again redirected to the list of calls, with a box next to each. Check the boxes next to the calls you want to delete. You can choose one, two calls, or fifty, which makes no difference.

If you need to delete the entire list, instead of manual deletion, choose automatic deletion. Namely, we see “Select All” in the upper right corner; press it. Then go down to “OK”. Usually, deletion occurs in a few seconds, but if the number of calls exceeds 100 or more – it may take a minute or two.

Universal instruction

Items may differ slightly depending on the phone model. Below, in the screenshots, I have shown a universal way to delete contacts so as not to get confused. It is possible to clear only selected contacts or completely delete the notebook from the phone (if you have created a Mi account, then contacts will also be deleted using the second method).

Clearing the call log on different models of Xiaomi

Effective is just the first option described above. It is undoubtedly available on any Xiaomi model with the Android operating system and the standard location of the “contact book”. But, for example, Xiaomi Redmi 4 provides a couple of other ways.

Method 1

  1. Again open “Phone” – “Recent” – in the corner, look for “More”.
  2. “Call log”, again “More”.
  3. A list opens where we have to choose the one that suits us: “Clear Call Log”.
  4. Permission is requested, we agree, and the process is completed. This way, you clear only incoming calls.

Method 2

“Phone”, then look for the icon in the form of an alarm clock. “Contact” – “Call details”, and at the very top, the trash can icon. After pressing “Okay” we get a notification that the procedure was completed successfully.

Answers to popular questions

Can I recover a deleted journal?

It is possible if you are using Mi Cloud. If not, unfortunately, it is impossible without special drivers and utilities.

Are there third-party programs for cleaning?

Yes, such applications can be easily found on Google Play.

Calls are cleared, but everything comes back after every incoming or outgoing call. What should I do?

Turn the device off and try a few more times again. If the error continues to occur, contact a specialist.

Phone stopped turning on after the deletion

Get help from a qualified technician as soon as possible.

Judging from the above, we can see that it is very easy and fast to clean calls on Xiaomi devices. Any user, even those with minimal technological knowledge, will cope with this task without any problems.

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