How to Set a Ringtone on Xiaomi

Communicating on the phone has long been part of everyone’s daily life, and the ringtone plays an important role here. More often than not, the set music track does not suit the user who wants to set a favorite audio record for all or specific subscribers. But how do you put a ringtone on Xiaomi, what is required for this, and what is the complexity of this procedure?

Instructions for setting your ringtone on Xiaomi

First, you must choose the correct format and location of the music. The track should be on the internal memory of the phone or SD card. Mi Music must support the format. The most common option is.mp3. In this resolution, it is quite easy to find your favorite song, but it is recommended to download from proven and high-quality sources.

Have you found the necessary material? Now let’s proceed to the main thing – the installation itself.

One call for all incoming calls

This method is basic and does not require the installation of third-party applications. Moreover, almost always, the music put on the call through “Settings” plays without the slightest problem. Here we go:

  1. Open the “Settings” icon from the home screen;
  2. Now go to “Sound and Vibration” located at the very end of the “Personalization” section;
  3. Looking for the sub-item “Ringtone”;
  4. In the bottom right corner, there is an image +. Click on it;
  5. Choose where the desired audio record is located (SD card or internal storage).
  6. A list of available melodies will pop up. Tick the necessary one.

Different ringtones for each contact

Strangely enough, users often face problems when they want to put individual tracks on each number. The procedure is very simple and the same on almost all brands of smartphones. An unpleasant “twist” lies in the other: to make the audio recordings different, you need to transfer the contact from the SIM card to the phone itself.

Import contacts

We suggest you read the detailed instructions if you know little about this process.

  1. We go to “Settings” – “System applications”;
  2. Now open the application “Contacts”;
  3. Almost at the bottom of the page, there is an item “Advanced”, click on it;
  4. We choose “Contacts on SIM 1” or “SIM 2”. It is required if there are two different SIMs on the phone, different, for example, by the operator.
  5. We get to the list of contacts stored on the card. Tick the numbers you want to transfer, or use the “Select All”.
  6. We go down to the bottom. We see two functions – “Import” and “Delete”. In our case, click on “Import”. The procedure usually does not take more than a minute. When the operation finishes, we get a notification. That’s all.

Installing the audio recording

After completing the above process, we start setting a ringtone to a particular number. This is done manually, that is, for each contact individually.

Go to “Contacts” application, select one particular one, and click on the triple dot at the top. A mini-menu opens. Now “Default Melody”. Scroll until you find the item “Local”, and click on “Other”. A list of available recordings opens. Check the box next to the desired music track.

Different melodies on 2 SIM cards

It happens that a special variety is not required. The user wants to install two tracks: one on the first SIM and the other – on the second. This is quite convenient because you can immediately determine on the call which operator you are calling from.

  1. Open “Settings” – “Sounds and Ringtones”.
  2. In the sub-item “Sound” click on “Incoming Call”.
  3. The section “Different ringtones for SIM” appears.
  4. This takes you to the advanced menu.
  5. We see the image of two SIMs installed. Click on each in turn and use the explorer to set the ringtone.

Setting a Ringtone with ZEDGE

A good solution is the ZEDGE™ application. It is free, has a user-friendly, clear interface, and is designed in pleasant lilac and black tones. In addition to setting a ringtone, this application can change the standard/live wallpaper, enable/disable notifications, adjust game operation, and change icons.

  1. Open the installed application;
  2. To install a new ringtone, move to the right to open the side menu and click on “Ringtone”;
  3. We are presented with a list of many songs, divided into categories of “Popular”, “Favorites”, or specific genres of music.
  4. To listen to the audio, click on the large triangle next to the title of the track;
  5. If you like the audio, download it by clicking on the special icon located just below the inscription;
  6. After that, the program offers you to choose where you want to set the selected melody: for a call, as a notification sound or for an alarm clock;
  7. Select the desired option and receive a notification that the standard ringtone has been successfully changed. Done.


After removing the audio from the memory card, will it play on the call?

If you specified the path to the memory card when installing this ringtone, then no, it will not. The standard system ringtone will appear.

Can I put a short melody to the ringtone, such as a drum roll?

Yes, there is no limit. Just a melody will be played in a loop several times.

As you can see, setting your melody on the Xiaomi smartphone is quite simple, it does not require a lot of third-party applications and improved technical skills. The procedure is simple and not long.

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