Can’t Hear Caller on Xiaomi Very Well

Xiaomi smartphones are of high quality, have good software, and have excellent build. But often, with these models, too, users have problems. One of the most common problems – bad to hear the caller on the phone Xiaomi.

Today we will look at situations in which the sound quality drops significantly, as well as offer solutions to the problem.

Physical causes

To begin with, let’s talk about situations in which sound is affected by external factors. Such problems are usually solved rather quickly and do not require intervention from the software part of the device.

Poor communication

The first thing you should pay attention to if you began to hear the interlocutor on your Xiaomi smartphone poorly – is the coverage area. Operators are required to provide subscribers with quality mobile communications, but this is not always the case. This problem is especially acute when you live in the countryside or a small town.

Communications can also be disrupted when switching from one type of mobile technology to another (for example, from 3G to 4G). What to do, then?

The solution is simple: Look carefully at the map on the operator’s website and find your city. Choose a different tariff or telecommunications company if your coverage is below average.

Is your area marked in green and suggests excellent call quality? Then contact the operator personally and present your presentations.

Physical Obstacle

If you’re protecting your phone with a case, pay attention to the slits for the microphones. Cases-book covers often do not have the necessary holes, and the dense material overlaps the necessary elements for communication.

Most Xiaomi smartphones have two main microphones: one on the bottom panel (the main one) and one on the top (the noise-canceling one). They can also accumulate dust or small foreign objects.

So don’t forget to clean all the connectors on the device periodically. For such a simple procedure are quite suitable ordinary alcohol and a wooden toothpick are used. If you experience communication problems while talking through a headset, insert and pull the plug several times.

Software reasons

The above tips did not help. Then it is worth considering the software part, which is often the cause of the bad sound.

Problems with MIUI software

Many users notice problems with communication after another update of MIUI. This happens if the new build is still underdeveloped (a clear disadvantage of the developer version). And, of course, this applies to custom and Vietnamese firmware.

The solution is: to wait for a good global build or roll back to a previous version. The below recommendations may also help.

Incorrect noise cancellation

Of course, it is hard to talk on the phone if there are noises around. There is a noise-canceling option, but it’s a huge hassle for the user if it doesn’t work properly. Let’s figure out in which situations noise cancellation should be turned on and in which situations it should be deactivated.

Turning Noise Reduction On

When you’re in crowded places, the microphone can guess extraneous noise as a conversation, resulting in interference and repetition. Fortunately, developers have invented a special feature to save subscribers from malfunctions.

Please note: not all Xiaomi phones have a noise cancellation section.

  1. Going into settings.
  2. Go to the “Sound and Vibration” section “Other settings“.
  3. Move the slider to “On”opposite “Noise reduction during a phone call“.

Deactivation of noise reduction

If activation did not help, then you need to try disabling noise reduction in the system files. Please note in advance that you need root rights for this procedure!

We can use absolutely any manager who recognizes the phone’s file system. A good free option is ES Explorer, freely available for download on Google Play.

  1. Open Explorer and go to the folder “/system”. Here, look for a text file called “build.prop”.
  2. We need the line “audio.fluence.voicecall=true”. In it, we need to change the last word. Namely, instead of “true” write “false”.
  3. After that, reboot the device and test the quality of communication.

Not all file managers detect the “build.prop” folder. You may need a special application to edit the file easily. You can find examples of such tools below.

Active Google Now

Google Assistant appeared relatively recently and has greatly facilitated the work of users with mobile devices. But with the voice command “Ok, Google” many have problems: interference, extraneous noise, and interruption of speech became noticeable.

If you notice problems with communication, try turning off voice search on your smartphone.

  1. Look for the “Google” browser icon on the home screen and sign in. In the lower right corner, tap the triple dot “More”.
  2. It takes you to a new menu, where we focus on the “Settings ” tab – “Voice Search”.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on “Voice Match”.
    Now uncheck the “Access with Voice Match” box. Done. The Assistant will no longer respond to the voice command.

Automatic network selection

This option will be relevant if you use several sim cards from different operators and do not hear the interlocutor during the conversation. In such situations, the network is detected automatically, which can lead to poor communication during a phone call.

To get rid of this problem, go to “Settings” and under “Network selection” select the main operator from which you make most of your calls. Also, uncheck the “Detect automatically” box.

Today we have listed the main methods that will help solve the problem of poor sound quality when talking to the interlocutor on Xiaomi. As you can see, there are a huge number of options to solve the problem. Do you have any additional questions? Then write us in the comments. Good luck!

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