How to Disable MIUI Updates on Xiaomi

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Xiaomi phones continue to improve and delight users with new features and useful little things. Most often, the smartphone is improved with updates, but sometimes they slow down the device and, for some reason, do not suit the user. So many are interested in how to turn off updates MIUI on Xiaomi and whether it will harm the device.

Disabling MIUI auto-updates

This method involves built-in settings, is generally simple, and does not require much time. Often, phones have a built-in auto-update option that activates itself (usually at night).

Disabling the automatic update is quite easy:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Now find “Updates”;
  3. Go back to “Settings”, which is a mini-menu;
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Automatically download updates”.

No processes will occur without your knowledge, but intrusive notifications may appear. Now let’s see what you can do about them.

Disabling MIUI update notifications

The Android operating system will require a new version and download it yourself, but you can forget the constant annoying messages. To do this, do the following:

  1. Open “Settings”;
  2. Now “All apps” – “Update”;
  3. Move a few sliders opposite “Notifications” to “Turn off”;
  4. Sometimes the device may ask you to confirm and click “OK”. Done.

How to disable app updates on Xiaomi

This is a simpler procedure that does not affect any system functions. There can be several reasons for disabling it: not enough space on the internal memory(how to move some applications to the SD card), not wanting to change a certain application, dissatisfaction with the innovations that came out, and so on.

  1. Go to Google Play;
  2. Select “Menu”;
  3. Now “My installed apps”;
  4. Click in the upper right corner and get to the list of auto-updated apps;
  5. And finally, choose which mode you want: updating only via Wi-Fi, automatic under any circumstances, or completely disabling it.

It will help to save the battery for a longer time and you will have a possibility to control the remaining free space in the phone.

Completely disabling the firmware update file

This option fundamentally freezes possible updates. Thus, you get rid of annoying notifications and the risk of auto-update simultaneously. There is no possibility to go to the “Updates” item to check the version of the operating system.

Freezing requires a special application and the obligatory presence of root rights.

  1. Download Titanium Backup from Google Play (follow the link above), install it, and open it;
  2. Now choose the process “Update”. It may also be called “Updater.apk“;
  3. Now click on the “Freeze” button. Done. As you can see, everything is done very quickly and easily.

Under no circumstances recommend that you do not completely delete the file Updater.apk. It is a system file and if it disappears, it may cause failures in the operating system.


I turned off notifications, but messages are still coming

Check if you have unchecked all the characteristic items and try again.

How do I update an application on Google Play?

Go to Google Play and open the page of the game you are interested in. Next to the icon “Uninstall” will be “Update”. If there are no possible updates – “Open”.

Disabling unwanted updates can help almost every user. This will optimize the work of your smartphone and prevent it from getting dirty, excessive load, and stuck.

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