How to Enable Dark Theme on Xiaomi

By activating night mode, the user may notice an increase in battery life and less strain on vision. But not everyone knows how to enable the dark theme on Xiaomi and Redmi from the phone settings and theme store. We will tell you about the current options for MIUI 12 and MIUI 13.

What is Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a special design in the system or specific applications made in black tones. Instead of the standard light background appears black with white letters. The benefits of a dark mode on Xiaomi:

  • Increased battery life. The battery lasts longer without recharging. Various tests have shown that dark mode reduces power consumption by 20-30%.
  • Reduced eye strain. Eyes do not get very tired if the dark theme is activated. This is especially true in low-light conditions. However, according to research by scientists, even a dark theme cannot completely rid your eyes of the harmful effects of the blue spectrum.

How to enable a dark theme on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

Let’s say right away that the full dark mode in MIUI cannot be set from “Settings” on IPS screens. By default, Dark Mode is activated only in smartphones with OLED displays. If you have IPS, you’ll have to download third-party themes.

From MIUI 11, the situation is more favorable: any phone, regardless of the matrix type, got dark mode. The mode is quick and easy to turn on in Settings. Therefore, users who want to use the black design regularly are recommended to update to MIUI 13.

  • Redmi 9A with IPS on MIUI dark mode does not work completely. Some elements, such as the notification curtain, remained with a white background.
  • Mi 11 with Amoled on MIUI  dark mode is complete, meaning all system elements and apps are covered.

In MIUI 13 and 12 settings

To enable the dark theme on Xiaomi and Redmi, you need the following:

Step 1: find the “Settings” icon on the home screen, and enter. Scroll down the page to “Screen”.

Step 2: Select the “Dark Mode” function in the new window and click on it. Next, you need to switch the slider to “On” mode. You can also turn on the night mode on Xiaomi by scheduling with the option “Schedule”.

Through the theme store

You’ll need third-party screensavers to make a dark theme for the lock screen and desktop. They usually darken only the home screen without touching the settings menu and system apps. We’ve selected the best dark themes for MIUI 11 that can be used alone or paired with the system’s black design.

Stock [Black Mode]

The simplest and most minimalistic screensaver from designer Sofiane O. Made in black, with no additional elements or drawings.

The “Stock [Black Mode]” theme only changes the lock screen and desktop, so use it with dark mode turned on in settings. Then you’ll get the most power-saving design.


Android Pie Dark

A similar black theme for Xiaomi with redrawn icons. The user gets a monochrome screensaver in deep black with interesting icons and an unusual clock arrangement.


Android 10 Dark

An unconventional design with a blue hue. Looks more stylish than the usual black screen savers. This only applies to home screens, just like previous variants.


If you want to download a dark theme for MIUI 10, look for these options: Pixel Q Dark v10 and Dark Grey Pie. They are not only used as a screensaver on the desktop but also change the settings menu, the notification curtain, and some system apps to black.

Activating dark mode for individual apps

We already know how to put a dark theme for the whole system. Now let’s look at enabling Dark Mode on Xiaomi in individual apps.


You can’t make the default dark theme in the app itself. Instagram will only get a black design when the mode is turned on in Settings. To do this, follow the procedure described in “Enabling in MIUI settings”.


  1. Go into the app and click on your account icon in the top right corner. Next, click on “Settings”“General.
  2. Activate the slider next to the “Night Mode” option. Done. Now the YouTube design is in black tones.


  1. Click on the three bars in the top left corner. Then select “Settings”“Chat Settings”.
  2. In the “Color Gamut” section, specify “Dark”. You can also choose a subtone of different colors: blue, green, orange, etc. Just a few clicks, and you’ll get the design you want.

Google Chrome

  1. Go into the browser app and click on the triplet in the top right corner. In the menu that appears, select “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down the page to “Themes”. Check the “Dark” box. No complications.

WhatsApp and Facebook

In the messenger, WhatsApp night mode is in the testing phase. Those who wish can install a beta version of the application and try out the new features. The situation is similar to Facebook


How do I turn off the dark mode on my entire phone?

If you have installed a dark theme on MIUI 11 through Settings, move the slider to Off. If using a third-party theme, uninstall it and install the stock theme. The black design in the applications can be removed individually. The scheme is the same as the activation.

How to make a dark theme on Android One?

For Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, Mi A3, and Mi A3 Lite phones, you can install Dark Mode in three ways. The first option: download your favorite launcher from Google Play. This is a good alternative to Mi-themes. The second option: install black wallpaper from the Internet. The color of the curtain adapts to them.

No dark theme on Redmi after updating to the new MIUI version

Black mode, like other features, may not appear immediately on the device. Some innovations will be implemented in the next firmware builds.

Today we learned how to install Dark Mode on Xiaomi smartphones, what it’s for, and what benefits the user will get. If you want to increase the device’s battery life and reduce the load on the eyes, try to turn on the night theme.

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