How to Set up a Fingerprint on Xiaomi

Almost all modern phones support fingerprint scanning. Using the scanner allows you to quickly unlock your phone and access applications with a password. Therefore, many people are interested in how to set up a fingerprint on Xiaomi, add a new fingerprint and delete it if possible.

Why do you need a fingerprint on your phone

Reliable protection

The first is, of course, to protect the device from intruders. Experienced burglars easily manage to unravel even the strongest passwords and guess, for example, graphic keys. As a result, the smartphone can be unlocked, and all your data is in the hands of intruders.

Controlling purchases

The most trivial situation: when visiting Google Play or certain programs, a child begins to mindlessly make purchases by charging money from the bank card/e-wallet.


Some sites support the function of logging in with a fingerprint (most often, this option is enabled in “Settings” or in “Personal profile”). Login is usually required, but the scanner replaces the password and verification codes. Agree. It’s convenient, fast, comfortable, and, most importantly, safe.

Turning off the alarm clock

Here everything works on the following principle: as soon as the alarm starts, there is no need to look for the “Turn off” button, or “Postpone”. All you have to do is to place your finger on the alarm clock icon or the dedicated scanner area without even opening your eyes. Done.

There is a fingerprint scanner on almost all models released by Xiaomi. Fortunately, there is an alternative – face unlocking(Face ID).

How the fingerprint scanner works

When you first turn this feature on in Settings and take your first basic “snapshot” of your finger – the system carefully remembers and stores it in a special database. For example, this happens when you enter a password in your Mi account.

The entered information is “implanted” in the smartphone without the slightest mistake: no unnecessary stroke, dash, or inaccuracy. Therefore, it is very important that at the time of the main scan, there are no scratches, wounds, unhealed scars, and so on. Another barrier to a normal fingerprint can be rough, wet skin or calluses.

How to enable and set the fingerprint on Xiaomi

  1. First, we enter “Settings”, then “Passwords and security – Fingerprint”.
  2. We are thrown to a window where it asks to make an alternative option, namely to choose: “Standard password”, “Graphic key”, or “PIN” (meaning, 4 digits, quite weak protection, not recommended). There is no way around this option because if the scanner stops functioning, you will still be able to access the device by entering the data in this section.
  3. Once the above information is specified, proceed directly to scan the fingerprint. Nothing complicated. The “Setup Wizard strictly dictates each step”. We put the pad to the special image/square, wait a couple of seconds, and, if necessary, repeat the procedure by differently positioning the finger in relation to the sensor.
  4. We automatically return to the previous stage of the menu, where we are again prompted to select the fingerprint. We insert the “snapshot” just taken. That’s it.

How to remove the fingerprint

For example, you’re not happy with the fingerprint’s quality, the phone’s owner needs to change soon, and so on. This is a clear indication to redo the scan, and unnecessary “prints” should be deleted for convenience.

  1. Once again, open the menu and the option to add new prints.
  2. We get a list of already existing prints. Their names can distinguish them: the standard “Print 1” “2”, and “3”.
  3. If you click on the one you don’t want, a window asks you to change its name. Next to it, you will see “Delete”. Click, confirm, and it’s done.

Why is the fingerprint not working?

If the scanning is interrupted, the image is smeared and unclear, which means there are some problems during the scanning process that should be solved as soon as possible.

The most serious variant is the incorrect operation of the scanner itself, caused by a technical component. Unfortunately, in most cases, only an appeal to a service center can help.

Possible causes

  • As noted above: dirty, wet hands with damaged skin (of course, the use of various gloves during scanning is not allowed);
  • Dirty sensor with particles of dust, dirt, grease, and cracks in the screen. Also, sometimes good contact is prevented by the anti-shock glass or a special protective film.

Solving the problems

  • Try to restart the smartphone a couple of times;
  • Lock/unlock the device using the installed alternative;
  • As a last resort, reflash the phone or get root rights;
  • If the problem is mechanical, contact a technician;
  • Carefully keep your fingers clean.


Can a fingerprint be hacked?

Unfortunately, this possibility exists everywhere in all data protection methods. But with scanning, the risk is much lower than, for example, when setting an ordinary password or a weak graphical key.

Error during scanning

Perform the above steps. If it does not help – write in the comments, and we will look into it. In extreme cases, you may need the help of an experienced wizard.

As you can see, making a fingerprint on a Xiaomi smartphone can be quite simple and fast. The main thing is to follow the provided instructions.

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