Calories are a certain amount of energy the body receives after consuming food. Many people, especially those who want to lose weight, count them. This is a strictly individual matter, but modern smartwatches are ready to calculate the energy expended on their own.

Progress has not yet reached the point where wrist gadgets can determine the number of calories consumed, but they do an excellent job of counting calories burned. The procedure is carried out based on the data about the person. In this case, individual parameters matter: age, weight, height, activity, strength, and endurance.

There is no point in discussing the maximum accuracy of calculations – no device can boast of it. But the data that the watch provides to its owners is quite enough to understand how long and intensive the next workout should be to lose the accumulated number of calories.

Wrist gadgets start counting calories burned with any movement of the hand, which is important to keep in mind as you focus on your readings.

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