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Do you need to view screenshots you’ve made, sort music, create new folders, and move new content? Such procedures are possible not only on computers. For Xiaomi devices created a special proprietary application, namely Mi Explorer, through which you get access to the information stored in the internal memory. How it works – read below.

What is Mi Explorer

Mi Explorer (Mi File Explorer) is a standard file manager released by the popular company Xiaomi primarily for its devices. It has no ads except for recommendations, but they can be disabled in the settings.

Explorer can perform many functions:

  • file copying;
  • data transfer;
  • create files with different extensions, from doc to txt;
  • unpack popular archive formats, such as zip and rar;
  • view your photos, recorded and downloaded videos;
  • clear memory from junk and unused applications;
  • and much more.

Also gain access to audio recordings made from the recorder. Such audio recordings are not usually available in players.

This is ideal for temporary phones without the Internet, but you need to install apps and games. We download the material from the computer, connect to the smartphone and transfer it there. Now all left is to enter Mi Explorer, find the APK files, and install them in two clicks. Note that only file managers recognize APK format!

What else can Xiaomi File Manager do?

Mi File Explorer structure is very simple and convenient: you can find the main folders, such as Music, Pictures, Videos, and Screenshots, on the main screen. The “specific” ones are also displayed, such as downloaded files from messengers, downloads made in browsers, and camera shots. This is very convenient because you do not have to look through all the contents of the phone in search of the desired material.

Previously there was an FTP service in Explorer, which was responsible for the wireless transfer of information, such as for PC. Now all the functionality has been moved to Mi Drop. If you need to delete the trash from your smartphone and special utilities take up extra space, Mi Explorer will also solve this problem. The program has an excellent built-in tool for cleaning duplicate files and cache.

How to install Mi Explorer on Android

If you have a Xiaomi phone, this explorer will be there by default. You do not need to install it separately. But you will also get an error when you try to uninstall it because the system applications on Android are not uninstalled in the usual way. You need to study our instructions on uninstalling built-in applications without root rights.

Do you own a different model? Don’t feel bad. Mi Explorer can be found on Google Play. Moreover, you will be able to uninstall it without any problems.

How to allow explorer access to the SD card

If your operating system is lower than Android 6.0, when you install it, you automatically give an agreement to access the external drive. But since most smartphones now have Android 7, Android 8, or higher, access to the memory card is granted individually. The first time you launch the app, it asks for your consent.

Click “Allow” and you get access to the data stored on the flash drive.

As you can see, Mi Explorer is a great app for everyday file management. With this handy tool, you will always have access to materials and their editing.

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