Resolving Mi Unlock Errors

Mi Flash Unlock is an essential program for officially unlocking Xiaomi phones’ bootloaders. The bootloader activation process is quite complicated and multi-step, so an inexperienced user may encounter problems with the utility. We take a look at common Mi Unlock errors and their causes.

Popular causes of errors

To activate Bootloader on Xiaomi, you need to do several preparatory steps. If you miss even one step, the program will generate an error.

So, malfunctions occur due to the following reasons:

  • The timer has not expired after tying the Mi account. It should pass from 360 to 720 hours (sometimes more) from when you tied the account to your device.
  • Trying to unlock multiple devices from one Mi account at once. The mandatory time interval between unlocking different devices is 30 days. For example, you have activated the bootloader on your smartphone, and you must wait a month to do the same procedure on your tablet.
  • Outdated version of the program. The problem is very easy to solve: download the current version of Mi-Anlock from the official website or another reliable source.
  • Not enough personal data in the Mi account. This error is related to account verification. Developers cannot approve the linking because there is not enough information about the user. Add a photo and additional email.
  • Using a Wi-Fi network. Switch to mobile internet, and only then bind the account in Mi unlock status.
  • The outdated firmware version on the phone. Update MIUI to the latest build. Global Version is also recommended. Possible problems on custom, localized, and reflashed Chinese versions.
  • Constantly unlocking from the same PC. You can unlock no more than 5 phones from the same PC.

Known Mi Unlock errors and their solutions

Now let’s look at a specific error and how to fix it. Most problems can be solved quickly.

Error: Current account is not bound to this device.
Solution: Bind your Mi account to your phone under “Mi Unlock Status”.

Error: Couldn`t unlock the device.
Solution: If the notification appears that unlocking failed, try changing the IP address on your phone and computer, and select the Chinese region. Any software with VPN will help. After that, try to unlock it again. Also, this error can occur when trying to unlock multiple smartphones from one account.

Error: Couldn`t verify the device. Can’t get info, connect again.
Solution: If the error occurs when the process stops at 50%, you must ensure that all the necessary drivers are installed. If adb and fastboot files are missing, the phone will be detected as an unknown device. Download the drivers and install them, then re-activate the bootloader.

Error: Network Error.
Solution: Switch to another network or enable VPN. Another malfunction can occur due to failures on Xiaomi’s servers. In this case, wait a while and try again.

Error: Unknown error 1.
Solution: There are many reasons for the unknown error. Use the universal ways for its solution: install/update drivers on your PC, download the latest firmware on your phone, and turn on the VPN. If this doesn’t help and error 1 still appears, wait a while – maybe there are failures on Xiaomi servers now.

Error: Error 401.
Solution: This glitch used to occur when users had to apply to activate the bootloader. Now this condition has been canceled, and the problem should not appear. But when checking the status of Mi Unlock, the error 401 may also pop up, just like when linking the account to the device. In that case, log out of the account and log in again.

Error: Error 501.
Solution: Work on the drivers: install or update them. Connect your smartphone to the PC via USB 2.0. Download a newer version of Mi Unlock.

Error: Error 10000.
Solution: Make sure that the SIM card whose number is linked to your Mi account is on the phone. Exit your Mi account and log in again after a few minutes. Turn on VPN with the Chinese region.

Error: Error 20086.
Solution: Use universal error resolution methods: reinstall drivers, enable VPN, wait for timer, and update the program. After that, repeat the unlocked Xiaomi.

Error: Error 20091.
Solution: Your account is linked to another smartphone. Unlink it, or create a new profile.

Error: Error 86012.
Solution: The problem mostly occurs on custom builds. Install the global stable firmware.

Error: Error 90000.
Solution: Unknown error 90000 occurs if you have more than 5 unlocked devices on the same PC. Use a localized version of the program. Also, add personal data to your account profile.

Error: Error checking the account.
Solution: Exit from the account in your phone settings and come back again. Activate VPN and temporarily set the system language to English.

Error: Mi-account login failed.
Solution: Check the correctness of the entered data: password, login, and Internet connection. Log out and log in from your profile. Reboot the device.

Error: Your device is not unlocked.
Solution: If Mi Unlock gives an error saying that Xiaomi unlocks failed, it means that some preparatory step has been skipped. Check if drivers are available and if USB debugging is enabled. If the required time has not passed since you tied the account, you will see the remaining hours in Mi Unlock.

Error: Your device isn’t supported by Mi Unlock.
Solution: Most likely, the smartphone has localized, custom, or Vietnamese firmware. Install Global Stable, and then with Mi Unlock on MIUI 12, MIUI 11, etc., you won’t have any problems.

Error: Binding time is too short, Less than 72 hours.
Solution: The inscription means that additional Mi account verification is going on. Just wait for the specified time because you cannot bypass the timer.

Error: Mi Unlock is not connected to the phone.
Solution: Move the utility to the system drive, so there are no extra characters in the path. If it didn’t help, update Mi Unlock by pressing “Update”. The problem can also occur if the software can’t see your phone. Then updating drivers and activating debugging will help. Mi Unlock doesn’t install at all – the cause is an operating system failure.

This article gathers all the errors we know that occur when trying to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi. If you know an additional solution – write about it.

We’ve discussed what to do about the errors that arise during Mi-account binding and official unlocking on Xiaomi. If you have an error not mentioned in the article, write in the comments.

  1. Mam taki błąd podczas naciskania przycisku “Add accound and device”
    mianowicie: “Couldn’t add. Please go to Mi Community to apply for authorizati…”

    Proszę o pomoc… Co zrobić?

  2. Ha día de hoy, no me llega el codigo de verificacion aunque este en el ultima version de Mi Unlock

  3. For me and my redmi note 12 pro, the pc recognizes the device even in the fastboot but the mi unlock doesn’t, so I can’t unlock. drivers are updated and everything.

  4. it says couldnt unlock internal error server
    what should i do?

  5. What about this issue?
    xiaomi procedure failed get service token missing service token cookie

  6. I have an issue with my Xiaomi 12s Ultra. I go into developer mode, mi unlock status, it asks me to bind my account. I click add account, message pops up saying it has been activated and link to the device. I go back, click back into developer mode, and it asks me to add my account again. It won’t seem to stay added, nor does the unlock tool (gets to 99%, then tells me to add my account and link to my phone).

    Any help would be great? I’ve reset the phone, used a new account with mobile number, still same issue.

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