How to Reset Xiaomi to Factory Settings

Xiaomi phones are characterized by excellent software and quality construction. But this does not save users from possible problems. For example, by mistake, an important system application was deleted, or the fingerprint scanner stopped working. Not everyone knows what methods and how to reset Xiaomi to factory settings in such situations.

Preparing for the reset

If the smartphone Xiaomi or Redmi is in normal working condition, do not rush to turn it off and proceed to reset system settings immediately. If you do not carry out preparatory operations – you can lose all the data stored on the device.

  1. Create a backup file through the system settings or Mi PC Suite.
  2. Transfer all photos, videos, and documents to your computer.
  3. Make sure you have access to your connected Mi and Google accounts. After the reset, the system will ask for their password during the first power-on.
  4. Remove the SD card if there is one.

How to erase all data from your Xiaomi and Redmi phone

Below will be described 7 working ways to perform a complete reset on the smartphone. Please choose one or another method depending on the situation, so it is recommended to familiarize yourself with all the options.

Through MIUI settings

The most basic and simple method. It is suitable if your device is in working order and there are no serious problems.

  1. Go to “Settings”, then “Advanced Settings”.
  2. At the bottom, select “Backup & reset” – “Factory reset”.
  3. Agree to complete data deletion.
  4. Wait until the phone is cleaned and restarted

Sometimes the system may ask for a verification code in the form of an Mi account password.

Via Mi Recovery

We recommend using this method if your phone is frozen and doesn’t react to any actions. Or, after an unsuccessful system operation, you found a “brick”.

  1. Disconnect the smartphone. We press the power and volume up keys and hold them to vibration.
  2. The stock Mi Recovery 3.0 appears. With the volume, buttons switch to the item “Wipe Data“, which is responsible for cleaning the device.
  3. Select “Wipe All Data” and confirm the action with “Confirm“.
  4. On average, a reset will start, which takes about a couple of minutes. Just wait without doing anything.
  5. The message “Data wiped Successfully” will appear if the reset is successful.
  6. Go back to the main menu and reboot your phone with “Reboot” button.

Through TWRP recovery

This method will work best if the bootloader is unlocked and TWRP recovery is installed on the phone. Let’s take Tim Win Recovery Project as an example.

  1. As in the previous variant, turn off the phone and press the power and volume keys.
  2. The initial Recovery menu appears, where the “tile menu” is present. Select the item called “Wipe“.
  3. If you need to perform additional actions before resetting – select the appropriate option: “Advanced Wipe” or“Format Data“.
  4. Now drag the lower slider to the right to confirm the reset.
  5. Wait for the procedure to complete.
  6. On successful completion, the last operation line will say “…done“.
  7. Choose to return to the start menu or reboot the system.

Reflashing in Fastboot mode

This method will not work for most users because of the large number of preparations. But it may be the only option in some desperate situations.

We’ve already told you about installing the firmware via Mi-Flash separately. Here we’ll also duplicate some brief information. To perform a data wipe, you need to be prepared beforehand:

  • install MiFlash software;
  • to get access to the PC via USB cable;
  • unlock bootloader;
  • download the archive with the new firmware.

After the preparations are done, proceed to reflash:

  1. Turn the phone off and put it into Fastboot mode: press the volume down button and power button.
  2. Connect the phone to your PC using a USB.
  3. Launch MiFlash. Press “Select” and specify the path to the firmware file.
  4. Choose the cleanup mode. Choose either “Clean all ” – deleting all the information or “Clean all and lock ” – removing and locking the bootloader.
  5. Press “Flash” and wait until the reflash is finished.

Via Mi PC Suite

You can perform a simple factory reset using Mi PC Suite for computers. You only need to select the version of the program. You can do this in our separate article. The procedure (using Mi PC Suite 3.0 as an example):

  1. Connect your phone to your PC.
  2. Login to your Mi account.
  3. Wait until the program detects the device.
  4. Select“Delete data“.

Via Google Find My Device (remotely)

If your phone has been lost or is within my reach and you need to erase the data, it is better to use this method.

  1. Go to the page of the service“Google Find My Device.
  2. Enter the data from your account.
  3. Now a map appears on the page, where the last possible location of the device (the last moment of connection to the network) is marked.
  4. In the left sidebar, select the “Clear device” method.

Pay attention to the warnings given by Google itself:

  • All information from the device will be irretrievably deleted. It will be impossible to determine the location afterward.
  • After deleting the data, you must log in to that account on the phone.
  • If the device is currently “Offline” – the reset will be performed immediately after the first connection to any network.

Via Mi Cloud (remotely)

Also, a good method if you, for example, have not synchronized your phone with your Google account. Mi Cloud is a great storage that allows you to save important materials and carry out some system procedures.

  1. Go to the official Mi Cloud website.
  2. Log in to your Xiaomi account.
  3. Choose the item“Find device“.
  4. Choose the desired one (if several are connected, tablet + smartphone).
  5. Click on the “Erase data” button. Done.


The phone won’t start, will the recovery help?

If the cause of the brick is due to a failed reflash or update, then the recovery won’t help. Read the appropriate documentation for your problem.

How to reset the tablet from Xiaomi to the factory settings?

The device under the Android operating system, whether a tablet or a smartphone, will suit any of the above methods. But depending on the state of your tablet, choose the most appropriate way for yourself.

The current article discussed resetting your Xiaomi phone to factory settings. If you have any additional questions or find new ways – write in the comments.

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